Standard of Mame-Shiba Inu

Mameshiba inu

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Shigeyuki Nishiyama, Founder of Mame-Shiba


The standard for Mame-Shiba in Japan follows that of Hozanso.



General Appearance:

Mameshiba inherits characteristics of Shiba Inu. Ancestors dog exhaustively and although the appearance is equal to Shiba Inu. Mameshiba has a bright and friendly as a house pet. The character must not to be shy. In the appearance of Mameshiba, dog must seem to be dog and bitch must seem to be bitch and neutral appearance is not good.


The ratio of an ideal body is that height is ten, length is eleven, and limbs that support the body are strong and to have toned muscle is good.


Mameshiba has a head, matching the body and the face of the front seems a slightly rounded compared with Shiba Inu. Forehead is favorably broad and flat. It is not good to be narrow and wrinkled


The face of Mameshiba, breeding down in size, must to be cute in proportion to the body, compared with intrepid looks of Shiba Inu. Stop is slightly deep compared with Shiba Inu and full cheeks are good. Dog is strong and bitch is gentle and dog and bitch are elegant.


Fairly small, triangular, held erect and slightly forward, inside is straight line, outside is slightly rounded. The width and length of ears are suitable size, matching the face is good and extremely narrow, broad, large, small are not good. And thick ears is good.


Dignified, slightly triangular, dark brown color are good. Rounded eyes are not good.


Nose is black on all coat colors . The pink and pinto colors are not good. Nose is wet when acting. The shape of nose that is set up small is good.


Both dog and bitch‘s muzzle length is 40% of the total head length from stop to bridge of nose, and is 60% of the total head length from stop to occiput is very good. Muzzle is rounded and strong that is required. The bitch’s muzzle is narrow than the dog’s muzzle. The bridge of muzzle is straight. Its color is black and deep black.


Bite is scissors, with a complete of strong. Overshot and undershot and missing teeth are very serious fault.


Neck is thick, sturdy, and broad in range of motion and must have a strong appearance enough to support.


Robust muscular development is egg-shaped. Flat and rounded body is not good. The depth of chest which is the half of the height is required. Strong is good.


Straight back, strong.


Loin is rich width. It is strong and straight to the hip. The muscle of loin to hip is developed enough. It is necessary that loin is should maintain stability and physical capabilities.


It is tucked-up gently from the chest and to have a firm outline by fully developed abdominal muscle and back muscle is good. It is not good that the abdomen is too thin.


The scapula inclines at the back and connected with vertebrae and ligaments. The scapula joint connected with humeral at the angulation that can show physical capabilities and is covered with the developed muscle. Forelimb seen from the front has become vertical in shoulder width. The tight toes are together small and are moderately thick.


The hindlimb has a strong structure and must be well developed than the forelimb. Because the hindlimb obtain a driving force. The hocks joint has a moderate angulation with a powerful and strong and stay.


Tail is thick and powerful and is carried over the back. The bottom of tail is short and straight and the shape of tail is culled tail or sickle tail to the top of tail. Other is not good. The shape and size are well balanced with body, in length the tail nearly to the hock joint when extended. The shape of tail must be settled well.


Mameshiba has double coat with outer coat and undercoat. The outer coat must be stiff and straight. The soft coat and the waved coat are not good. The under coat is thick and fluffy.


Red, Black, Sesame, White. Red Black and Sesame must be urajiro(cream to white ventral color) . Red is from red brown to light red. Black is good for elegant in position and shape of pinto and white color. Outer coat color becomes darker gradually with white, red, and the black from the end of the hair. For this reason it looks an unpolished black to be seen from a distance. It is not good to look red hair to tip of hair. Pinto has a purpose of pseudo eye to protect themselves from enemies. Black is good that two white spot over the eye are clearly and the size are moderate. Red and Sesame thinly have the characteristic. The borderline between white and black hair on the jaw is clear and straight. The width of borderline should be suitable. The white hair of chest is completely separated from the white hair under the jaw. Sesame is black-tipped hairs on a red background. It is good that the black-tipped hairs reach the head. White is not pure but is light cream colored. It should be noted in this hair color is that the surface of the nose and lip must be black and the color of eye must be dark brown or black.


The movement is nimble and light. The gait has a lot of looks of Shiba Inu, the ancient dog. It is full of simplicity and elegan