Export cost

Export costs

Item Amount
English Certificate of Microchip 3000 yen
English Certificate of Vaccination 3000 yen
Second vaccination and English certificate 12,000 yen
Rabies vaccination and English certificate 5000 yen
Veterinary physical examination and English certificate 3000 yen
External Parasitic Extermination and English Certificate 3000 yen
Internal Parasite Extermination and English Certificate 4000 yen
A Serology test fee (It may required for the second one)                   20,000 yen


Item Amount
Cost for veterinarian to fill out import documents 3000 yen ~
Processing to Japanese quarantine office 5000 yen
Procedure to Japanese quarantine office and puppy transport         25,000 yen per round trip
IATA standard puppy crate with water bowl and dish 12,000 yen ~



Please note that the "Cost for veterinarian to fill out import documents" is listed as "From 3000 yen" as the exact amount may vary depending on the specific requirements of the importing country.