Purchase a Mame-Shiba Inu

Mameshiba inu

Purchase a Mame-Shiba Inu

The following is a brief description of the process of purchasing a Mame-Shiba from our kennel, Sesshu Hozanso.


Step 1: Family meeting

Please have a discussion that is acceptable to all family members. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us here.         

Please also see the FAQ page.    


Kennel Name Japanese dog Mame-Shiba Breeding and Promotion Association, Sesshu Hozanso

Location       411-12 Nariai, Takatsuki, Osaka 569-0012, Japan

TEL        :072-688-5794

EMAIL   :        mamwshiba@gmail.com

Regular holidays      Tuesday Wednesday Last Sunday of the month


We will reply to your inquiry on the same day or the next day, except for holidays, if you contact us by e-mail form.   

If the reply is slow, there may be a problem, so please contact us again.  

Step 2: Find out the dog import requirements for your country/region

Different countries and regions have different requirements for importing dogs.

Please thoroughly research the procedures and steps required to responsibly import a puppy yourself.    

If you don't have the necessary paperwork and procedures to get through quarantine, you will have to let your puppy stay in quarantine for an extended period of time, even after a long trip. 

Please research them carefully to ensure a smooth importation of your puppy. 

If you are planning to pick up your pet in Japan, please familiarize yourself with the regulations of the airline you will be flying with regarding carry-on and checked pets.

Step 3: Contact us

If you find a puppy you would like to adopt from our available puppies, please apply for it from the "Mame-Shiba Puppy Information" page.         

Please inform us in detail about the conditions of importation into your country and the procedures that must be taken here in Osaka.    

If there is no "Available" or you cannot find the one you like, please do not hesitate to write your request in the order form ^^       


*Please feel free to make a reservation, as a wish order is not an absolute "order" but a steps to find a Mame-Shiba of your choice.  

We will let you know as soon as a puppy you prefer grows up.        


Red puppies are born mostly. Black, sesame and white puppies have a low birth rate and may take some time to be introduced.      

In that case, we will guide you in order of first-come-first-served. 


When a puppy that meets your request is born and grows up, we will publish photos and a video of the puppy on our website around 60 days after birth and send you the corresponding URL so that you can decide whether or not to purchase the puppy after viewing the photos and video before giving us your decision.


Step 4. contract

Once you have decided on the puppy you want to buy and contacted us, please carefully review the part of the e-mail regarding payment and transfer the cost of the puppy and the treatment costs for importation (e.g. rabies vaccine, documents, etc.). 


Please note that the selection of available puppies is on a first-come, first-served basis, so even if a puppy is listed as available on the website, it may already be in talks with someone else.   

Please be aware of that.   

Required procedures and documents differ depending on the country/region.   

The contract will be completed upon receipt of payment of the total amount of the puppy fee and other expenses, including export preparation costs and shipping costs for air transportation, by the date specified by us.    


Pet shopping is a special sales business, and once an order (payment) has been placed, cancellation for the customer's own reason is not allowed in principle, as it will result in the loss of the opportunity to sell the puppy concerned. 


For this reason, please understand that saying "I want this puppy" when referring to a puppy in the "available" list is not a reservation, but a contract.  

Step 5. Preparation of the country of import/export of the puppy (and flight booking)

Please check again just in case there may be any changes in the entry requirements to your country or region (e.g., two combined vaccines, rabies vaccination, preparation of each English certificate, etc.) that you checked at the time of reservation. 

We will proceed with each other to meet the requirements for entry into the country.          

If you are coming to Japan to pick up your puppy      

We will calculate and notify you of the date when all preparations from our side to meet the entry requirements will be completed and ready for pickup.      

You arrange airline tickets, visas, and hotels for your stay.  

At the same time, be sure to make a reservation with the airline for your puppy to be carried in the cargo area or on board.   

Please come to the kennel where the puppy was born and raised. 

A cute puppy is waiting for you.  

If your itinerary does not allow you to come to the kennel, we can deliver the puppy to the airport for an additional fee.        

If you can't come to Japan to get your puppy.        

Determine the date of transport.

Pick up your puppy at the airport in time for the arrival of the flight carrying him or her.    

*Transportation is currently difficult due to covid-19.

follow-up service

After you receive your puppy, we will respond to any inquiries or consultations you may have regarding the puppy's condition, care, training, etc.        

You can trust us with your peace of mind.