Terms and conditions of the contract for the sale of living organisms


Article 1: Returns and Exchanges


Please note that we do not accept returns, exchanges, or refunds after the sale (after delivery), except in the event of a warranty issue.


Article 2: Guarantees


"1. In the event that a puppy is infected with Barbovirus or Distemper and dies within 14 days from the date of delivery, the kennel will provide a new puppy equivalent to the price of the puppy that died.

However, the kennel will make the selection. Please note that the color, size, and age of the puppies may vary due to the fact that they are living creatures."

2. If the dog is diagnosed with a hereditary disease (excluding hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, or cryptorchidism) within 180 days of the date of delivery, the following items (a) or (b), whichever is preferred, shall be covered.

However, we cannot guarantee the treatment of organisms for which it is difficult to determine whether treatment is necessary at an early age (such as acalas (canine acne), patellar bone dislocation, cryptorchidism, congenital hip dysplasia, hernia, fountain gate opening, peritonitis, and other conditions that become apparent during growth).

A. Veterinary examination fee and 20% of the sales price as a consolation payment (treatment costs are not covered).

B. Replacement with a comparable dog (replacement dog requested by the customer due to concerns about the future care of the dog and the cost of medical treatment).


"If you wish to exchange your puppy for a new one, please provide us with the original medical certificate (with the microchip number of the puppy clearly written on the certificate) and we will provide you with a new puppy.

Please note, however, that it may take some time to get a new puppy due to breeding reasons (usually within 6 months). 

We do not offer cash compensation in case of hereditary diseases. In case of genetic disease, we will not compensate in cash."

If you wish to make a claim against the seller for any of the above warranties, please prepare the following items a.b.c.


a. Veterinarian's Certificate (the microchip number of the puppy in question must be indicated on the certificate)

b. A medical certificate prepared by the veterinarian who performed the treatment and a receipt showing the details of the treatment costs.

c. Other documents specified as particularly necessary by the seller (second vaccination certificate or rabies vaccination certificate)



We do not guarantee treatment costs other than examination fees, hospital visit costs, transportation costs, overtime fees, or biological fees.


Article 3: Vaccination and deworming


1. Puppies delivered from our kennel will have received one combined vaccination of 8 types by the time of delivery.

"The second vaccination must be given by the customer.

The recommended number of vaccinations may vary depending on the veterinarian's treatment policy, etc.

However, we recommend two vaccinations. (Once a year from the following year)."

"By law, puppies must be vaccinated against rabies after 90 days of age.

Please register your dog at an insurance office, and be sure to have it vaccinated at a veterinarian's office."

2. Although deworming is performed before delivery, deworming drugs are not effective against eggs, so worms that have slipped through the deworming period may, in rare cases, appear after delivery.

Even though a pet has been dewormed once, it can become infected again even if it picks up food while out for a walk, etc. Please have your pet dewormed as necessary by having it undergo regular stool checks, etc. at the time of vaccination.


Article 4: Pedigree


"At the time of delivery, we are in the process of applying to issue a pedigree, which will be sent to you as soon as it arrives at our kennel from the pedigree organization.

The customer will be responsible for the name change procedure and will be charged for the cost. (It may take up to 6 months for the pedigree to arrive. Please let us know if you do not receive the pedigree.)"


Article 5: Disclaimer


The following are not compensated.


1. If the customer has kept or managed the dog in a manner contrary to the instructions given by the kennel at the time of sale.


(Be sure to keep them apart until about a week after the puppy's second vaccination.)

3. Death due to disease resulting from extreme mental or physical exhaustion, such as anxiety or fear of the puppy.

4. Death due to diseases other than viral diseases.

5. Death due to an accident or other cause caused by the customer's gross negligence or willful misconduct.

6. Death due to failure to follow our instructions and receive veterinary care.

"7. Changes in appearance, coat color, fur quality, body shape (shape of ears, length of legs, etc.), dental alignment, missing or fused teeth, testicles, wolf claws, eye discharge, etc. during the growth process are also not covered.

The same applies to dogs purchased for breeding purposes."

8. Skin diseases such as food allergy, tongue spot, lithiasis, cryptorchidism, cherry eye, umbilical hernia (dehiscence), endometritis, etc. that do not interfere with the pet's life as a pet.

9. Customer's one-sided reasons (barking, biting, lack of discipline, allergies in the family, etc.)

10. Damage caused by the puppy (e.g., infection or injury to humans, damage to household goods or property, etc.)

11. If there is no definite cause (or suspicion, etc.) on the veterinarian's certificate stating that the disease is a viral disease (the microchip number of the puppy in question must be stated on the certificate), or if the original cannot be submitted.

12. In the event that false claims are made, no compensation will be paid to the veterinary hospital, etc. for any expenses or monies incurred.

13. Illness or injury outside the period of coverage under Article 2.

14. In connection with any matter acknowledged by the customer as a special item in this agreement.

15. If the dog is transferred to a person other than the contractor.

16. If the kennel is not notified immediately after the discovery of illness or death. (within one week please)

17. Events outside Japan


Article 6: Method of Claiming Coverage


For claim procedures, please contact us with the respective documents within one week of recognizing the congenital disability and within three days of confirming the death, after conducting a veterinary examination and within one week.


1. The original medical certificate with microchip number issued by a veterinarian (cause must be clear, original death certificate in case of death)

2. The original vaccination certificate issued by a veterinarian (with a seal attached such as serial number)

3. The original certificate of rabies vaccination

4. The original pedigree (not required if not yet received)


Upon request, the kennel shall have the right to conduct a fact-finding investigation for a period of two years.

In the event of a false declaration, the seller may require reimbursement of the guaranteed price or the actual cost of a replacement dog, as well as a claim for damages. In the event of any problems not described in this contract, the Seller and the customer shall handle the matter by mutual consultation in good faith.


Article 7: Cancellation


"If you want to make a contract (deposit) for the introduced dog, we will ask you to make a partial deposit to prepare for the handover of the puppy and to pick up the puppy.

(As a general rule, international purchases must be made as a full payment in one transaction.)"


In case of cancellation after you have expressed your intention to purchase a puppy, the puppy handling preparation and deposit paid in advance will not be refunded, as it will be used to cover the cost of raising the puppy during the period of time the puppy is kept after you have confirmed your intention to sign the contract, as well as the loss of the opportunity to find an owner.